Telehealth Solutions for Your Behavioral Health Practice 

Become more efficient and set your own schedule when you connect with patients using CNOW's telehealth platform. 


Provide Access To Care

Attract new patients and improve patient access in rural areas when you implement CNOW for your behavioral health practice. Reduce no-shows, and rescheduled appointments when you provide patients with the flexibility of being seen from anywhere. Set your own schedule and hours, or be available to patients with urgent needs with the click of a button.  

Be More Efficient, Increase Revenue

CNOW allows behavioral health care providers to maximize overall workflow and efficiency. See more patients while reducing costs within the organization and across departments. Be more effective when you provide timely follow-up care via telehealth and reduce unnecessary readmissions. 


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High Tech That Is Easy To Use

CNOW offers providers and facilities a comprehensive and fully-supported solution that is fully HIPAA compliant with a high-quality, secure, worry-free HD audio/video connection between providers and their patients.

Our software is effective and simple to use. Providers are typically able to use our technology without any training. By using teleconferencing that runs on an autonomous, visually based platform, CNOW works alongside any EMR system and offers real-time communication between providers and patients.

Advantages of Telehealth

  • Expand patient volume, as well as retain patients, when physical location is no longer the driving factor in patients selecting your services. 
  • Provide quick access for urgent needs.
  • Have group sessions. With the capability of including up to 16 people per video session, you can expand care and invite others to join a session from the convenience of their home.
  • Reduce cancellations and late appointments. Using telehealth, your patients will be more available to see you at the correct time.
  • Optimize your workflow with built-in tools, like scheduling and payment.