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Empower Your Practice With Telemedicine

With the ability to access patients from anywhere at any time,  CNOW helps you provide one-on-one consultations, provide treatment, host team meetings, conduct regularly scheduled co-located health appointments and connect you to offsite specialists.


Easy, Simple Workflows

CNOW offers providers and facilities a comprehensive and fully-supported solution that includes scheduling, billing and support with a high-quality, secure, worry-free HD audio/video connection between providers and their patients. Our simple and easy to navigate platform gives you easy access to patients working in synergy with your current EMR systems.

Our software is effective and simple to use. Providers are typically able to use our technology without any training. By using teleconferencing that runs on an autonomous, visually-based platform, you can connect with any system and get real-time information to provider and patient.

Be More Efficient, Increase Revenue

Manage your workflows by giving your practice and patients flexibility. Increase revenue growth with dynamic scheduling and billing. Circumvent appointment changes, no shows and cancellations. Increase and retain patient volume. Reduce costs such as staffing, and scheduling issues.

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Get Paid For All The Things You Already Do

Your time is valuable, and healthcare is a 24/7 job. Get paid for all the things you are already doing. Like answering patient questions, and consulting with your patients afterhours by replacing those interactions with a telehealth videoconference visit. This allows you to quickly connect from anywhere, document the interaction and get paid. 

The Advantages of Telehealth

  • Expand current patient volume with telemedicine, as well as retain patient volume, without relying on a brick-and-mortar office.  Expand your reach to new patients outside your local proximity.
  • Increase revenue by setting your own flexible work hours. Transfer off hour and same day appointment calls to billable units thus an addition to revenue.
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction. Be available to your patients when they need you and save them unnecessary trips to the office.
  • Reduce cancellations. Using telemedicine, last minute changes in your patients' schedules will have less of an impact on your schedule. Patients can connect quickly from anywhere without having to drive to your office.
  • Save time. With built-in payment options and online scheduling, you reduce the administrative time of running your practice.