Connect and grow

As pioneers and users of our own telemedicine platform, we understand the day to day of healthcare practices and how technology plays a role in the success of your practice.

CNOW is a secure software platform designed to help you treat patients, manage patient volume all while maximizing workflow and increasing your revenue stream. We help you optimize your practice, not change it!

Our Technology

As new technologies have emerged and evolved throughout the years, so has CNOW.  Our fifth generation product has been redesigned and modernized from the ground up leveraging the latest technologies to meet the evolving needs of healthcare, service delivery, and compliance. 

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The Best Quality Video

Superior video consultations cannot be built upon standard video quality. Our products leverage the most advanced video coding technologies to produce 40 percent higher quality than other leading WebRTC-based interactive video technologies.

Our interactive features allow for multi-point interactions, far-end pan/tilt/zoom camera control, and administration of all audio/video controls while supporting a variety of camera models (Sony, Minrray, and Logitech), including standard and high-definition.



Customized To Fit Your Needs

The healthcare field is rapidly changing. So we made our platform customizable to fit the ever-changing needs of your practice and regulatory requirements. You get to put your own stamp on the platform to reflect your practice, providing a familiar online environment for you and your patients. We help you optimize your practice, not change it!

Advantages of CNOW

·        Mobile, Web and Windows Support – CNOW allows for simple, secure web-to-web, mobile-to-web, or mobile-to-mobile interactions.  We even have managed telehealth appliances for mobile cart implementations. All applications can interact together to meet your needs.

·        Secure Telehealth Links  Easily schedule and send simple, secure links to your patients. Supports patient guest invitations.

·        Improves Critical Business Processes and workflows with mobility and performance. 

·        Scalable to securely and easily support providers and patients wherever they have an Internet connection. Use on private, public and personal networks.

·        Track and Report – Easily track and report on your utilization with customized surveys and detailed call logs.

·        User-based versus installation-based fee structures. 

·        CNOW Telehealth Appliance  Broad use cases for hospitals, emergency departments, community health centers, group homes, long-term care facilities, conference/collaboration rooms and others. Ultra-compact and secure; warranty plans available.

·        Management Tools for self-management of users, appliance configurations and appliance status organization wide.

·         Broad Use Cases Improve critical business processes and workflows beyond telehealth service delivery, including remote workforce collaboration and training, customer engagement, guest access, sales/marketing/demos and more.

·        Enhanced Camera/Video Support CNOW supports most web cameras, HD pan/tilt/zoom cameras, and even leverages many legacy SD pan/tilt/zoom cameras for huge cost savings. We also support many USB video output devices used by telemedicine providers.

·         In-Session Content Sharing and Collaboration Share entire screen or any running application. Easily swap between other participant shares.

·        Far-end Participant Controls – Control far-end pan-tilt-zoom cameras, audio and other controls. Critical for many telehealth service delivery models and moderated training.

·        Custom Solutions Let us assist you in creating custom solutions to meet your needs. This is unique to our technology and a staple to meeting a variety of unique needs over the years.