About Us

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Committed To A Smarter Approach To Patient Care

In 1999, we began our journey with one goal . . . to deliver technologies that allow clinicians and caregivers to deliver services to individuals and patients 'when' and 'where' it is needed most!  

Designing a customized telehealth program quickly became the obvious solution. Our interactive, real-time videoconferencing has effectively enabled healthcare professionals to deliver care to individuals when they need it, regardless of location. Additionally, CNOW's telehealth solutions help decrease the occurrence of common challenges such as lack of access, long wait times and gaps in extended care.

Since 2002 we have been providing IT services to broad range of organizations -- clinics, hospitals, residential group homes, and many other small, medium and large service organizations; in addition to our interactive video products.  With the rapid digital transformation to cloud technologies, we recognize the power and opportunity this provides to organizations to simplify and secure their technology infrastructure.    

CNOW has been a pioneer in developing and testing telehealth solutions. Our technology and delivery care models have been tested through State and Federal research awards. These studies have involved a multitude of health care professionals: primary care physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, speech therapists, behavior analysts, social workers and educational administrators. CNOW has spoken twice at U.S. Senate Hearings on Combating Autism.

Over 8,000 telehealth sessions were completed in these research studies, with a success rate of over 90%. Click on the following links to learn more about the various clinical studies: Telehealth and Developmental Disabilities, Telehealth and Therapeutic Foster Care ServicesProject 12 Ways, and Telehealth and Early Intervention for Autism.

With nearly a million telehealth sessions delivered, CNOW is proud of our accomplishments, while maintaining the philosophy that if all of our clients' needs are met first, then our success will follow.