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NOW is committed to being the nation’s premier telehealth solutions provider. In addition to designing and developing customized interactive video programs, CNOW also provides the actual technical services through its network of qualified professional staff.  For over thirteen years, CNOW has pioneered innovative telehealth solutions in support of persons with autism and other developmental disabilities, the only telehealth company in the nation with this specific focus.

Our in-home video services link and model were featured during the U.S. Senate Hearings on Autism as a successful and cost efficient methodology for supports to children and families.

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Who We Serve

Families with children with autism and other developmental disabilities who are in need of specialized services delivered to them in their homes and in their child’s learning environments. CNOW has focused its development efforts on supporting persons in their natural living and learning settings, which allows for services to be delivered at times when they are most relevant and needed. 

State and federal agencies struggling to cope with increasing demands in the face of budget cuts and personnel shortages. As the number of persons requiring special services increases and finding competent personnel becomes more difficult, providers must look to innovative approaches for augmenting service delivery.  CNOW’s ability to connect providers with consumers is well proven.  Through its affiliation with AdvoServ and the Celeste Foundation, CNOW has managed telehealth networks that have connected professionals with persons residing in single family homes, foster care settings, congregate living arrangements, and educational settings. 

Medical and human service professionals interested in earning their credentials as certified telehealth practitioners and joining a national network of telehealth pioneers. CNOW's advanced videoconferencing system allows professionals to extend the scope and availability of their services through the use of cutting edge interactive video technologies.

Strategic Objectives 

   Continue to develop the nation’s premiere telehealth system supporting persons with autism and other special needs.

Pioneer a national certification program for aspiring telehealth practitioners, via the “National Institute of Telehealth”

Affect change in current public policy to allow for Medicaid reimbursement for telehealth services delivered in support of persons with developmental disabilities.

Ultimately, manage a robust, integrated, and centralized network of telehealth service providers throughout the United States.

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